Sunday, November 07, 2004

Some kid stuff

I've been wanting to post about these things, but haven't because I've been so caught up in my own post-election mourning. First, on election day, my son (9) and his best friend (10 and from a Republican family) stood out on the street corner with clipboards and signs. One sign read "Honk once if you voted for Bush"; the other "Honk twice if you voted for Kerry." They tallied the honks and came up with 48-48. Future pollsters?

Second thing, we went to see The Incredibles yesterday and took the best friend with us. On our way back to the car, Mr. GM asked who would run for president in 2008. The best friend said I should run. I asked why. He said, "Well, you're smart and nice and you're a good campaigner." I was touched by that, and heartened for the country in general.

Third thing, my son wanted to earn money and so offered to rake the leaves to the street. His friend called and invited him over to watch a movie right as he was starting on his raking. I explained what he was doing and in about 20 minutes, all the neighborhood kids were in our back yard, helping him rake so that he and his sister could watch the movie with them. Our camera's batteries had died or I would have posted a photo. It was really cute.