Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Off to the polls

5:49 a.m. Leaving in 1/2 hour to go help set up the polls. Last night, lots of Mylanta. It was either the chili or nerves over the election. Could be both. Still feeling it a little this morning. Driving over with my neighbor and taking all the democratic signs with us. I'll be on the inside, checking the machines, putting up instructions, sample ballots, the absentee roster, checking the voter rolls. We have a small precinct. I don't expect any trouble. I am heartened by conversations overheard yesterday. People are anxious--which I think means they'll get out and vote. They don't want to be on the sidelines like 2000. After the polls close, I'm going out for a beer. I can't wait to see the returns! Good luck everyone! And if you haven't voted--go vote!