Monday, November 22, 2004

Of packing, makeup and hair dye

Soon I must begin packing for my trip south to my mother's. I purchased hairspray at the grocery store; I dyed my hair; and I will pack my makeup. I am accommodating the south and my mother. Mostly, it's to avoid the "Are you feeling alright? You look pale." and such comments. I even got my hair cut. I was hoping for something a little spikier, but no one ever believes me when I say that. I must take stylish clothing--Thanksgiving will be somewhat formal plus my mother is having a cocktail party thing for us on Friday. The children need to look nice as well. I also must take reading, the camera (l'll be photoblogging during the holiday :) ), and the iPod. Geeky Mom cannot travel without gadgets. :)

Mr. GM and I are developing some kind of strategy for dealing with politics while we're there. Our plan is not to bring it up; what we have to work on is when (not if) the other people bring it up. Sigh. These are relatively intelligent people. We can probably agree to disagree. My step-grandmother is of the seriously gentile sort (a wonderfully gracious woman really), so she would never bring it up. Her sons, I'm not so sure. Oh, and then there's the dogs--I completely forgot about the dogs. I am not a dog person. Small dogs, okay (I had one). Big dogs, I don't do. I'm a small person. I had a bad encounter with a large dog when I was younger and I've never fully gotten over it. Her dogs are kind of in your face. And my mom has dogs. How could I forget this? Ugh, yet another thing to deal with. I'm definitely having a drink on the plane.

Obviously, I need therapy. I can't handle a simple trip to my mother's without turning it into a drama. To be fair, Mr. GM is doing the same thing. He deals with it by making jokes. "Oh, I'm going to visit all my new Memphis friends." "I need to make a trip over to the CS department at University of Memphis." Yes, well. It probably won't be at all as bad as I'm making it out to be, but I don't know. I have some history here. My last couple of trips have had their dramatic moments. My father--who may not be a good source since he left the marriage altogether--feels for me and recommends a stiff drink. Thankfully, I'll have access to a computer (staying in the room with it in fact), so I can connect to some virtual friends at least.
Wish me luck.