Thursday, November 11, 2004

Letters #2 & 3

I'm home today with a sick child, have actually done some work. I read and responded to e-mail, created a worksheet for the workshop tomorrow, and did a little research. I still need to create a blurb for a class I'm co-teaching with Mr. GM (more on that another time) and contribute some links and ideas to the wiki we've set up.

In my spare time, I sent off letters to Rick and Arlen about Alberto Gonzales, inspired by Helpy Chalk via Bitch, Ph.D.. My letter was not nearly so articulate as Helpy Chalk and worse, both of my senators are Republicans, so I'm doubtful they will have any effect. I figure they're not going to read them, so it doesn't really matter how inarticulate they are. But I promised myself I would voice my opinion, so I did.

Does anyone out there know of good places to track what legislation is up for debate or vote? I've tried to parse the senate and house web sites and I can't tell anything. No wonder citizens don't participate in government. It's so hard just to figure out what the legislation is about (and I have advanced degrees, for God's sake). It's like that amendment or proposition that David pointed out in Georgia. Or, I was watching the Daily Show from last night, and they were talking about the checkbox on the Florida registration box about mental incompetence that was written in horrid legalese.