Saturday, November 20, 2004

Hungover soccer mom

So 8 a.m. came really early this morning. I really could have stayed in my nice warm bed. I opted for scootching the kids over and making some space for myself, but it was pretty cramped and uncomfortable. Mr. GM moved them a few hours later, but I can say with confidence that I did not sleep all that well. Not to mention the beer. It's wearing off now, but I still feel quite groggy. Plus it's overcast and yucky outside.

The soccer game itself was amusing because the kids just really didn't want to play that much after the first half. We struggled through, though.

Today I'm going to start getting re-organized. I'm on a real kick. I noticed, too, that on Thursday when I was cleaning some stuff up, my son pitched in. So I think this is a good thing--being a role model (something I haven't been in the neatness department). Now if I can get Mr. GM to see the light, all will be good in the world.