Monday, November 01, 2004


We are once again having homework difficulties. Let me just say that I am by no means perfect, but that it's not like I'm sittin' in front of the tv drinking bud and not caring whether my kid makes it through fourth grade or not. However, the teachers are making me feel like the latter. Phone call from the math teacher with dire warnings--homework not coming in, grade will suffer. If you read my previous post, you know I'm a bit anxious about this whole thing. Let me just say that my kid is smart, especially in math, but he's forgetful. I'm not forgiving his forgetfulness, but it is kind of hard for me to make sure he's done his homework when he hasn't written it down. Ugh! I'm at my wit's end. I made him do all of his homework tonight, including homework that he had previously forgotten, despite the fact that he doesn't have school tomorrow and could have finished it then. I just wanted to emphasize the importance of getting something done and not putting it off. Not that I'm a good example of that--which brings me to my goal for this month--set a better example.

The chaos in my house has gotten to nearly epic proportions. I'm going to try my best to keep it to a minimum. This means enlisting the help of the kids--and perhaps more importantly, Mr. GM. Maybe I'll give him a copy of The Second Shift. Seriously. He's a great guy--does his fair share when it comes to the kids, but is kind of a putterer when it comes to housework. He's sporadic. For a while, he'll be all over cleaning up the kitchen, for example, and then months will go by where I'm having to beg and plead. You'd think these things wouldn't matter that much, but on a day like today when I feel like I've had to take care of everything and have borne the brunt of criticism and whatnot, I feel like I need a little help.

I really do wish I were better at the housekeeping stuff myself. I don't know why, but I somehow feel like if my house were tidy, my kid would do his homework. I know this isn't entirely logical, but there might be some truth to it. In so many ways, I feel like we're setting a good example--we encourage reading, writing, and thinking; we teach respect for other and for the earth; we value family and friends. In other ways--completing tasks on time, neatness and organization, responsibility for day to day duties--I feel like we're failing. Sigh. Is there something in this election for me? Support for the working moms (and they all do.)