Wednesday, October 06, 2004

What is a Geeky Mom?

Hello, my name is Laura and I'm Geeky, and a mom, thus Geekymom. I have been a Geek now, for, oh, about 25 years. I have a SmartPhone, iPod, and an iMac. I think Tivo is the greatest invention since the remote control. I'd rather play video games than go shopping. I learned how to design web pages on maternity leave. I don't do much in the way of mom things, and other moms I know look at me like I'm from another planet when I talk about the things I do in my spare time--like blogging. In geek circles, I'm like the woman who likes sports at a party. Thankfully, my job is geeky. I'm an Instructional Technologist. It's actually my job to explore new gadgets and software. I create web pages on a regular basis and train others how to do it (maternity leave paid off well). I get paid to blog and read blogs. What cooler job could there be?

I'm also a writer. That's what my original degree was in--Creative Writing. I'm working on a novel now. Originally, I was a poet. So you'll probably see some blogs about that, too. You can see by my previous two posts that I intended this to be my professional blog at first, but I'm letting the school host that and here, I can have some fun.