Monday, October 11, 2004

Tired of Politics

I'm getting tired of the campaign. I have campaign fatigue. I also have general fatigue. I have been watching all the news, all the debates, reading the papers, reading the blogs and I'm tired. It's still a dead heat. I go to bed and the polls will show 47% Bush 45% Kerry and by the time I wake up, the numbers are reversed. My own neighborhood is a patchwork quilt of campaign signs--Bush, Kerry, Bush, Kerry. My daughter, who's five, can identify and keep track of the number of signs for each candidate as we drive along. On the way to soccer, 5 Kerry/Edwards, 4 Bush/Cheney. She thinks they're names though--so Kerry Edwards is one person and Bush Cheney is another. She wants Kerry to win. The name is just so much better. I've been looking at the lighter side of the campaign--it makes me feel better. I've been watching The Daily Show (recorded via Tivo), checking out sites like and the new Jib-Jab video. You gotta laugh or you'll cry. Frankly, I'm worried. Last election, I went to bed before all the results were in, and woke up to find we did not yet have a new president. I'm not sure I can take that again.