Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween!!

Sundays are my favorite days and a Sunday that is also Halloween is the best. I love Halloween. Today, there is a bright blue sky serving as the perfect background for the gold, orange, bronze, bright red, rust and yellow that is fall foliage. My computer desk looks out over my back yard--tiny though it is--and I can see all the great leaves from here. I can also see the ones that need to be raked. :) Oh well.

The children are excited about Halloween, planning their route and who they will go trick-or-treating with. My daughter, who is a little skittish, would like for one of her parents to be with her at all times and has declared that despite the fact that trick or treating with the other children (and adults) would be fun, she would feel better if one of us were around. My son has made no declarations as of yet. We'll see how this all pans out.

On the election front, we got a visit on Friday from Gov. Ed Rendell and Carole King and others--right on our campus! I didn't go, because I was too embroiled in spontaneous emergencies, but I walked by. It seemed like a good rally.

I'm gearing up for my duties as Minority Inspector. I should be working on my novel, but it's really hard for me to transport myself to the 17th century when I'm really worried about the 21st.

Here's a few political links for the day:

1. Cul de Sac discusses the use of emotion by the Bush campaign--and his disgust with the NY Times blatant placement of one of these ads.

2. Atrios links to Land's End CEO's anti-Bush ad.

3. And here's some poll stuff.