Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Gay Marriage in Ohio

I am so horrified by Issue 1 in Ohio. I saw a report on it on the news tonight and then found this article in Salon. I just don't understand why these people are so insistent upon legislating our relationships. Marriage is a religious institution first and foremost upon which we have based certain rights like obtaining health benefits and inheritance. Whatever happened to separation of church and state? The worst thing about Ohio's amendment is that it makes it illegal to grant any rights to any unmarried couples. Which means that even heterosexual couples who choose not to marry can't get health benefits from their partners or may not be able to speak for them in a hospital. I don't live in Ohio, but as the article points out, many states are considering similar legislation on Nov. 2 and Bush seems intent upon pursuing a U.S. amendment to ban gay marriage. I feel like we're going backwards here to times when the government legislated our private lives. I also find it odd that a party that promotes smaller government when it comes to health care and economic issues wants to play big brother on issues related to our sexuality and our bodies (gay marriage and abortion). Do they not see the hypocrisy of that?

I'm canvassing on Saturday and poll watching on Nov. 2nd. I'm still anxious. Issues like these make me more anxious still.