Friday, October 29, 2004

Friday, the blues, and the internet

Quite a few people have been writing about being blue. I used to get depressed quite a bit. In the early years of Mr. GM, I was borderline insane. A lot was going on then--my sister had died just a few years earlier; my parents got divorced; I was poor and not liking my school situation (mean MFA program). Things got a little better when I took a corporate job--had some money, the people were smart and became my friends, not my competition. Then the baby was born, postpartum depression. Then we moved to Arkansas where again, I had no money, no friends, and worse, no job.

I had learned to cope with all of this back in Indiana--through therapy mostly. In fact, it was during that first year in Arkansas that I really discovered the internet and learned how to do html and hosted an IRC chat. Those skills paid off and I got the job I now have (because of course, I fell in love with the internet and continued working on skills that allowed me to take advantage of it.) That's all to say that I sympathize with those of you out there feeling down. I have had a couple of moments of those since moving here. Now, they last a month or so. I haven't had one in a while.

Today is Friday! I love Fridays because it's low-key at work and of course, the weekend is coming. What I used to do on Fridays was experiment with something new. I won't have time to do that until this afternoon, but I'll let you know how it goes. I used to find the coolest things this way.